When Employers Should File Form W-3 and Copy A of Form W-2’s With the IRS

Employer Tip: 2014 Form W-2’s are due out to employees by the end of January, but 2014 Form W-3 and Copy A of Form W-2’s are not due to the IRS until March 2, 2015 for filing paper forms and March 31, 2015 for filing electronic. This allows you, the employer, time to fix any issues that arise once employees review their Form W-2 without having to file W-3c and W-2c (amended W-2’s). If you submit them and then have to fix an issue, then you will be required to do so on Form W-3c and W-2c’s. If you wait, you can just correct the Form W-3 and W-2, and submit using the normal forms.

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