Problems We Solve

  • Slow Response Times: Tired of waiting days for questions to be answered or for those payroll reports you requested? You shouldn’t have to wait days to receive answers to important questions or for your payroll reports. We are here to end your frustration with our same-day response times.

  • Payroll Contact Turnover: Does your payroll contact change every few months? It’s very hard to build trust if you never know who is in charge of your payroll. At Payroll Savvy your payroll stays with the Payroll Professional who you sign on with. No more constant contact turnover.

  • Treated Like a Number: If you feel like your business isn’t important to your payroll provider, there’s something wrong with that. At Payroll Savvy we know you by name and we know your payroll inside and out. When you sign on with Payroll Savvy your business becomes a top priority to us. You will never feel like your business doesn’t matter.

  • Multiple Point-of-Contacts: Who do you call when you have a question or problem? Is it a call center? At Payroll Savvy you get the benefits of a single point-of-contact with your Payroll Professional and their dedicated team. This equates to fast, accurate, and personal service.

  • IRS Issues: If you’ve ever had issues with the IRS, you’re well aware of how stressful it can be and how expensive penalties are. If you have current issues with the IRS, we can help you solve them quickly and end the agony. Our clients never have to worry about future IRS issues, we take care of compliance and responding to any IRS notices for them. We are here for you!  

  • Not Knowing Who Runs Your Payroll: Is your payroll contact/representative the same person who reconciles each and every payroll? How comfortable are you asking someone questions about your payroll that doesn’t see it every payroll? Would you be confident in their answers? At Payroll Savvy, you have a single point-of-contact with the Payroll Professional who reconciles each and every one of your payrolls and can answer all your questions with reference to your actual payroll situation. We’re experts and we get to know your personal payroll needs.

  • Paying for Unused Features: Are you using every single feature or service that you are paying for? We can build a custom solution that fits your business that includes only the features and services that you need. This means you can save some money, who doesn’t like saving some cash?

  • Getting Nickle and Dimed: Do you know exactly how much you are paying for your payroll services or PEO? Is your invoice up front and honest about your payroll/administrative fees? Our simple per payroll pricing makes budgeting a snap. It even includes your quarter-end and year-end returns and filings. Yes, that means no expensive W-2 fees at the end of the year. We are here to make your life easier and help your business run smoother.  

  • Stress From Payroll Audits: You don’t have to stress out over payroll audits any longer. We will pull all the necessary payroll reports for the payroll audit, and with our Elite Payroll Package it is free of charge!

  • Determining Employee or Independent Contractor: The IRS is on high alert for misclassification of employees as independent contractors. We are here to answer any questions about employee classification. We can aid you in making the correct determination and protecting your business from the large penalties that can be assessed due to misclassification.

  • Limiting Payroll Software: Are you using payroll software to run your payroll in house? Do you find yourself wishing for features that are not included? Is your business growing and now the payroll functions are taking you longer? Payroll software can be a great option for some small businesses, but you can grow out of it very quickly and you lose flexibility on features. Spend more time on your revenue producing functions of your business, instead of payroll.

  • Time Consuming Data Entry: Are you still the one having to enter your payroll information into your payroll provider’s software? Stop wasting your time! Send us your payroll information in any form including phone calls, emails, or even text. We’ll do the data entry for you, all included in your price!

  • Replacing Pay Stubs and Updating Employee Information: Administrative burden is a large issue in most small businesses. The last thing your administrative staff needs is to be pestered with requests for lost payroll stubs or numerous requests to update employee form W-4’s or Direct Deposit information. With our Employee Self-Service, your employee’s get access to every pay stub and their Form W-2 at the end of the year. Also, your employee’s can update their own information, including their Form W-4 and Direct Deposit information. Free your administrative staff from the burden!

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