Employer On The Go: Timekeeping, Onboarding, & More!


  • Online Employee Onboarding (Utilizes Electronic Signature)
  • Timekeeping Built In
  • Time Off Requests
  • Employer Portal
  • Employee Self-Service Portal
  • Any browser, Any device
  • Mobile Application

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TSheets: Great Timekeeping Only Option

Mobile Devices

iPhone, iPad, and Android Apps

  • From office or field: You can clock-in or clock-out from the office or the job site.

  • Desktop Version: You can limit clock-ins and clock-outs by IP address for greater control.

  • Text in: Do you have employees without smartphones? They can still text to clock-in and clock-out with the ability to include their job code.

  • Dial in: If you don’t want to text, you can call in to clock-in or clock-out.

  • Crew App for managing multiple people: Groups help simplify clocking-in and clocking-out when crews are in use.

  • Scheduling: Easy-to-use, flexible scheduling.

GPS Tracking

Pinpointing-Online or Offline

  • See who’s working, where, and on what: See who is working and their location, which allows you to manage your employees in real-time.
  • Add timesheet notes: You and/or your employees can add notes to their time sheets for jobs and projects.

Timesheet Approvals

Submit and Approve Time Worked

  • Day, week, custom: You control exactly when your time sheets are due for approval.

  • Real-time punch clock: Get accurate down to the second with real-time clock-in and clock-out. Put an end to deliberate and undeliberate time theft.

  • Manual time entry: Do you have salaried employees who need to job cost? Have them use manual time entry for job/project costing purposes.

  • Overtime alerts: You can activate push, email, or text alerts to notify you when an employee is approaching overtime hours.

  • Multi-level approval settings: You can restrict and/or permit specific features by user.


Works in Real Time

  • Payroll: You can easily send your payroll information via .CSV file or .PDF.

  • Job Costing: Accurate job costing is a must, now you will have your job costing down to the second for complete accuracy.

  • Timesheet summary: View your employees’ timesheet summaries with ease.

  • Logging and history: Audit trails are kept for you.

iPhone App

Android App