The ADP...I Mean, The ABC's of Payroll Services

A: Accuracy

One of the most frustrating things that can happen with a payroll service is avoidable mistakes, especially ones that happen consistently. You want a payroll service with very detail oriented processes that include multiple reconciliation points in your payroll processing. You shouldn’t be afraid to ask your payroll provider, “what measures have been taken to ensure the accuracy of my payroll?”

B: Be There

One of the important factors to a business’s peace of mind, is if a payroll provider will be there for them outside of regular payroll processing. This could mean being there for audits, this could mean being there for support when an employee is asking a question you can’t answer, and this could mean being there to advise on a number of payroll issues, such as projecting payroll costs of a new employee you want to bring on. This is one of the most important things a payroll service can offer. You need to know a payroll company will be there for you, period.

C: Communication

For any services a business outsources, speed and quality of communication are big factors. There are certain payroll providers that have very high Payroll Specialist turnover, this can lead to communication breakdowns. You don’t want this to happen, especially at a time when you need a quick response. There is great value in having a Payroll Specialist long-term. They get to know you, and they get to know your payroll. This leads to much quicker and more accurate responses to any payroll inquiries.