Businesses Have to Tell Their Story

I started Payroll Savvy thinking that we could just supply the best payroll services and word of mouth would take it from there. It turns out that is only partially true. If you supply an excellent service/product, word of mouth will be one of your main growth drivers, but you can’t rely solely on that to grow your business.

When I figured this out, I was thinking, now I have to start actually learning marketing, which doesn’t match my personality. Where do I start?

Start with your story. One of the biggest mistakes I made was not having consistency when I first started testing on google adwords, facebook ad, and social media marketing. I wasted a lot of time and money testing stand-alone ads that were selling specific features that were as effective as they sound, not very.

We have just started getting into social media, but we are running a consistent story that goes into our paid ads as well. We are finding better click through rates on our ads and are getting more efficient by the day. The thing is, we are just being ourselves and I believe that comes across in our social posts and in our ads. People want to know who you are and what you are about, not how many features you have or how great your product is. If you are relevant to them, they will take the time to seek the facts about your service/product, but you can’t force it on them.

It all comes back to your story. Even for personality types like myself, very quiet and introverted, people still want to know who you are. So, you have to take the effort and let people and customers know the real you!