Benefits of Personal Service from a Payroll Provider

If you have used a Payroll Service Provider before, then you have probably experienced account manager changes, long phone calls with transfers between departments, and an overall lack of personal feel with the customer service.  Many have accepted this as the industry norm when it comes to Payroll Service Providers.  It can and should be different, but does personal service really benefit employers that much?

Yes.  So how do you create personal service in an impersonal industry?

At Payroll Savvy employers know and have a relationship with the Certified Payroll Professional responsible for their payroll.  This alleviates stress in many ways.  First, employers know the exact person they need to contact to get answers to any questions.  So, there is no transferring from department to department hoping you can find someone with the answer.  Second, it increases the accuracy of answers to any questions due to the direct knowledge the Certified Payroll Professional has about an employers payroll.  Answering payroll questions can be dangerous without reference to the employers exact situation.  Last, it allows Payroll Savvy to stay up to date with what is truly important to the employer, which leads to stress-free processing.