Benefits of Paperless Payroll

Save money.

As we all may know, delivery charges can be quite expensive. Using paperless payroll can eliminate the need for physical delivery. The employer gets their reports through an online portal, as well as the employee.  All funds are transferred electronically using direct deposit or payroll cards.  Thus, eliminating extra delivery expenses.  

Eliminate late deliveries.

Situations can arise with physical delivery such as; unforeseen delays due to weather, lost packages, and sometimes delays for no reason at all.  Going paperless eliminates the need for physical delivery which makes late payrolls and the scrambling that occurs to correct them, a thing of the past.

Easier recordkeeping.

Have you ever been to offices that have filing cabinet after filing cabinet full of important papers?  It can take a significant amount of time to manually file all paperwork and then even more time to find it when needed. By using a secure online portal, employers can now receive and store all of their payroll reports electronically.  This also saves time when trying to locate records when needed.

Help the environment.

Go green, go paperless!  Payroll can use large amounts of paper.  In a single payroll, paper is used for multiple reports, paper payroll checks, and the packing materials for delivery.  Its easy to see just how much paper can be saved by going paperless.

No more lost pay stubs.

Using a secure online employee portal, employees no longer need to receive paper pay stubs.  Many times employees misplace their pay stubs and have to have their employer reprint or request replacement stubs from their payroll provider.  Paperless payroll can eliminate this administrative burden.

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